August 2021 update: Artist of the month Bit Errror

In this months update:

  1. Artist of the month: Bit Error
  2. What on earth is the Daisie?
  3. New work with charcoal style

Bit Error is a digital artist based in Madrid, his work includes manipulating photographs, videos, vectors, and textures. He tries to portray the relationship we have with the world including nature, loneliness, friendship, the passing of time, and everyday life through his work. 

He also experiments with other types of art that allow him to explore new tools, express himself or push the boundaries of his work.

I met Bit Error through Makersplace (NFT art selling platform) and soon we followed each other’s work, he has supported me since and I just wanted to give him a shout-out and thank him for being a wonderful artist and friend.

She is art – Bit Errror

1. What does art mean to you?

It’s a way of expressing myself, of talking about the things that interest me, worry me, inspire me, or what I feel at any given moment. I’m a rather introverted person with few words, that’s why art is a great vehicle of expression for me.

Right now it is my way of life, thanks to the NFTs, although I have to say that it is becoming more and more difficult.

I’ve always seen art from the place of the spectator, being an artist is new to me. Previously my profession was a Sound Technician but due to circumstances six years ago I studied visual effects and graphic design which increased my interest in art, photography, and culture.

Art allows me to know my own emotions through art, similarly, other’s art allows me to see the expression of their emotions and I use it as a way to connect with them. Other times it can open your eyes to situations that you didn’t know about and increase your knowledge about the subject. 

At times to look at art is simply delightful.

I think that art can somehow serve to get to know yourself better, in the sense of seeing yourself represented or identified in something that perhaps was inside you but that you haven’t been able to recognise until that moment, it’s like a mirror, but the reflection is you through the expression of another person, I suppose that it also makes you more empathetic to be able to recognise yourself in others.

2. What was the best moment in your art career so far?

There are two moments that made me overjoyed. My very first piece of art that I sold because it is one thing to get a like on social media and quite another for someone to spend money on it. I am a very insecure person so this helped me to move on and continue to make art.

Another moment was when I was selected in Makersplace to participate in the Pancakes & Booze festival, an art show that takes place in Los Angeles, it was the first time that I was selected for something like this and the first time that my works were going to be exhibited. 

Equilibrium Artist Bit Errror
Equilibrium – Bit Errror

3. What areas of art would you like to explore?

There are so many areas I would like to explore but right now I’m trying to explore colour and learn how to use it better. I am always looking for ways to push my boundaries when it comes to art and I am sure I will continue to grow.

As for the themes, I think it depends on each moment or each mood, there are themes that are always present and others that change depending on what you are doing or your emotions or interests on each occasion.

If the art is linked with yourself, in the end, it will have to change and evolve just like you.

4. What is your favorite thing you have ever created and why?

I am doing a project called A Poster a Day for a Thousand Days, the animated versions of these posters were the first works that I uploaded to the NFT platforms. I am extremely happy with Day 31, as this one specifically represents how I was at that time, I had just entered the world of crypto art and my brain exploded, in a good way, it was a change and an incredible possibility for me and there were also many new concepts to assimilate, it is one of the jobs that I am most satisfied with.


5. What movie/tv show or book would you recommend?

I recommend a very interesting book, A Primer of Visual Literacy, a book by Donis A. Dondis from 1973, it teaches the fundamentals of visual communication in a pleasant and very didactic way, it is basically a manual of visual literacy, something very useful for constructing images.

I would also recommend writings to The Ear of John Cage, a compilation of various writings by the composer, it brings together lectures given at various meetings, short stories, various anecdotes and writings previously published in specialised magazines. It is a great insight into his thinking and how he sees creativity applicable to any artistic discipline.

As audiovisual content, I really liked Abstrac: the art of design, a documentary series of two seasons of 8 chapters. The series shows how design influences different aspects of our lives. Each episode shows the work and the creative process of internationally recognised designers in different areas: illustration, photography, architecture, industrial design, graphic design, etc.

The subject matter is very varied and it’s great to see the creative process from different points of view, how professionals from different worlds approach it, what things they have in common, and how they approach the creation of something new from different perspectives.

I have included his NFT shop socials below:

Twitter — @bit_Errror

NFT shop 

Instagram — @bit_errror 

Green mind – Bit Errror

What on earth is Daisie? is a website for artists to learn about all sorts of different aspects of art. Including Film, Photography, Art, Music, and Design. They do this by allowing their users to access daily workshops and classes given by real artists all over the world.

I have been a user of the Daisie platform since the beginning. It used to allow artists to collaborate with each other but that has gone now. They started to do workshops and classes which took off and therefore went in that direction. I attended some of these classes (mainly about art) and I found these useful and insightful.

Two that stood out were:

  1. A character artist took us through how they create their characters and advice for how to come up with your own. At the end, we all joined in to come up with a new character which she then drew and posted on social media. It was great fun and I learnt another way of coming up with ideas for my own art.
  2. Reid Schlege, A sketch artist took us through how to sketch objects and prototypes and what to practice daily if you want to become a good sketcher. Essentially all drawings are made up of shapes such as circles, rectangles, and triangles. A good place to start is to draw these every day until they become second nature. It was a brilliant workshop and very insightful.

It is a membership platform for £11.99 per month but I would recommend it for anyone that is serious about learning art without having to go to an art school. I think it also has the benefit of learning from people all over the world so you would gain cultural knowledge as well.

New work with Charcoal style

Recently I have been interested in the Charcoal art style and have been practicing for a few months and I am now releasing a new series called Mirrors which explores self-love and the feeling you get when you look in the mirror and smile. This could be because you like a physical body part or your own self-achievement or simply you have learned to love yourself.

If you would like to find out how to do this style in procreate I recommend this YouTube tutorial by Brandon McCamey who is an amazing artist.

The hair - design by Melissa Gilbert
The hair
The lips - by Melissa Gilbert
The lips
The legs - by Melissa Gilbert
The legs

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