January 2022: Artist of the month Sati

In this months edition:

  • Artist of the month Sati
  • 6 ways to promote your NFT’s
  • New artwork from me

Sati is an artist from Russia, she has been drawing since childhood. Her favourite colour is purple which she uses a lot in her works and her hair!

She joined the NFT community in August 2021 and is still keen to learn more about web 3 and where cryptocurrency is heading.

I have, like many others always found Sati’s TV collection fascinating and my favourite illustration from this collection is ‘TV 25’ which always reminds me to switch off from technology and the colours make me want to stare. In this interview, we learn how she gets inspired, how she promotes her work, and what is in store for her in the future.

1. How was your art style created?

Honestly, I’m still exploring my art style and I am not committed to just one style. I just draw what I want to draw, simple as that. My art is always evolving because it is influenced by what I am feeling and how my life is shaping.

I get inspiration from the world around me; environments, social situations, and people. I also get inspired by sadness and melancholy, in a way you can say I’m inspired by my feelings.

I practised drawing a lot and if something doesn’t come out the way I want I just keep drawing over and over again. For example, I couldn’t draw hands well, so I just kept drawing them for two weeks and I got relatively good at it.

TV51 — Sati

2. What drew you to promote your work on the metaverse and how have you found the experience.

As an artist, it’s important to make beautiful art but it is also necessary to promote your work in a way that will catch the collectors’ eye. The market and the technology is changing and we have to find new ways to promote, new ways to connect with the community.

NFT space is probably the best opportunity I have had as an artist and I am building a community and brand around my artwork in the metaverse. I recently discovered NFTs. I didn’t know much about them just a few months ago, but now I’m learning and discovering new and interesting things for me and my art.

My first big step in promoting my art was with the help of the ComCorp team. We worked together with them and released the first article where I talk about my NFT experience.

3. What do you see in your art future?

In general, I have a lot of plans and goals. I want my art to be seen by as many people as possible, so I plan to participate in various exhibitions and even plan to open my own exhibition.

I want to inspire others and I want people to resonate with my art. I like collaborating with other artists but I have to feel a deep connection with someone to do it. I think collaborations are fun and also a great way to promote my art. I’m proud of the work I’ve done with Tokyoluv. We made a beautiful artwork called “Ramona’s glasses”, which was sold for 4.20 ETH. It was an interesting experience!

Ramona’s glasses — Sati and Tokyoluv

In the near future, I plan to make the next NFT collection, but I can’t tell you about the details, it’s a secret 😉. I am also working on a new piece for the FND marketplace and a few collaborations.

4. What advice would you give any young or new artists?

Practice, stepping out of your comfort zone, and don’t give up if you are stuck, remember that it all takes time. Connect with other artists, find the right platform (marketplace) for you. Keep your information safe, security is very important.

Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to your previous self.

5. What book/tv show would you recommend?

I’d recommend Scott Pilgrim, this is my favourite comic and I have read that so many times, OMG. I love all comics by Bryanlee O’Malley, to be honest.

To find out more about this amazing artist on social media and NFT marketplaces

TV 63 — Sati

How to pomote your NFT’s

I joined a Twitter space hosted by SuperRare where many NFT artists talked about how they promote their work. I have written down the key takeaways from the conversation and some ideas on how you can promote your work.

Check out the full article on medium to find out 6 ways you can promote your work.

New artwork, previously I said that I have been in collaboration with Earnst Blaadd to create animated sports cards. I created the middle of this card and the animation. I did this by using footage of the goal and celebration and drawing it layer by layer to get the animation effect.

I went through several different versions of this and I am happy with the outcome! Please check out the animated version on the link below.

See the animation on the link below

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