June 2021 update – Artist of the month Charlie Elms


In this months update:

  1. Deep dive into my latest piece “take me home”
  2. I interview artist of the month, Charlie Elms
  3. My Pride collection

Take me home Deep dive

Watch the video above to see a time-lapse and a voice-over of my newest piece “take me home” I reveal how I came up with the idea and how it was made.

Artist of the month: Charlie Elms

Charlie Elms aka 10.years.time specialises in collages made from old magazines and books. He has been featured by Adobe CoCreate, worked with numerous artists, bands and companies to create unique and impressive collages and some of his work can be seen in Westfield shopping centre in London. 

He is new to the NFT scene and I for one am very excited, I took the time to ask him some questions to give more insight into this artist. 

What does art mean to you?

Family, therapy, expression, communication.  I grew up in a family of artists, my aunty was a ceramics teacher, my uncle a fine artist and I have a lot of cousins who are very creative in different areas. I think art has meant many things to me and my answer may be different if you ask me again in a few years. Creating is a form of therapy to me, a positive way to spend my time and is very personal.

As a designer you have to create for others so I think it’s really important for me to spent time as an artist creating for myself, having the creative freedom to make my own decisions. I think creatives need to create, if they lose the passion to do so they can fade away. You are communicating something with every piece you create. And I love the fact that one piece of art can be interpreted in different ways depending on the viewer.

What is your favourite art piece by another artist?

Really tricky this one, I don’t really know where to start but I’m going to pick a piece by Cy Twombly, Untitled (2005). I have chosen this work because I remember the strong feeling and shock I felt when I saw it exhibited in Tate Modern.

Before that, I have never really experienced an emotional reaction in a gallery, the paintings covered each wall so you are surrounded by these monster 6ft paintings. Bright red, full of rage and violence. The fact that something so simple could evoke that reaction was an eye-opener for me as an artist. So often with art, less is more and something so simple can be so effective. With collage it’s the same, often the more you remove the better the work will be.

What new or existing art skills do you want to improve?

I think artist’s need to always be learning and finding new interest as you can become tired of creating work in the same methods over time. My newest interest is animation and I have always found satisfaction from bringing things to life. So I am keen to develop new techniques of creating movement with imagery.

What inspires you the most?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. My wife & daughter, friends, fellow artist, animals, (especially birds) walking, landscapes, the clouds & fog, sunsets, music & film, positivity.

What tv show/movie or book do you recommend? 

I’m going to say True Detective. Season 1 in particular. The reason for this being the opening credits was a huge inspiration for getting into collage and image manipulations. It’s also one of the best crime derive dramas ever to be made and has one of the most impressive single long shots to ever be made.

I have included some of his artwork below and you can check out his socials @10.years.time.

Pride collection

This month I wanted to focus on families in celebration of pride, no matter if you are in the LGBTQ+ community or not everyone deserves a family that they can love and trust. I tried to cover a range of families in my drawings, including mine and I hope others can relate and smile at them. 

Two men and child