May 2022: Artist of the month Adrian Balastegui

In this month’s edition:

  • Artist of the month Adrian Balastegui
  • What on earth is float?
  • New artwork

Adrian is an artist from Barcelona, Spain. He has always been in the pursuit of developing his art by trying to create his own vision of the world of the subconscious and dreams.

Adrian’s art is super eyecatching and colourful, I find his animations captivating and I could watch them over and over again. In this interview, you can check out some of his animations, his favourite artist and what he loves about NFTs.

1.  How did you find your art style?

It’s been a continuous process, I’ve just been experimenting until I finally built it, actually, it’s always building.

2. What is your favourite piece of art by another artist and why?

I have too many, but if I had to choose any work it would surely be Moebius, he’s my favourite artist.

Bongo – Adrian Balastegui

3. What are you excited about this year?

I am currently working on my most important project yet that will occupy me for a few months, I can’t say anything yet but it’s related to the NFT space.

4. What do you like most about the NFTs?

As an artist, it has given me the possibility to leave a job I didn’t like in order to dedicate myself 100% to my personal art. I think it has given an opportunity to many of us who have been trying to develop our art for a long time, until now it was very difficult to do so.

5. What book/movie/song/TV show would you recommend?

Book: The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie
Animation series: Star Wars Visions. An animated short with an anime style.
Song: Humble by Kendrick Lamar.

Forest vibes – Adrian Balastegui

What on earth is float?

Float allows you to make your artwork look like it’s “floating”. It works by splitting up your layers and then moving them accordingly.

But How?

You can use float by uploading layers of artwork. You can then re-arrange and play around with the animation settings on the right-hand side.

Movement options:
  • Circular motion
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Custom by using your mouse

You can also switch on 3D settings which will create a shadow from the top layer. Once you are happy with the outcome you can record your screen.

Record your screen by:

How do I get it

It costs $18/$30 (at time of writing)

Head over to to check it out

Top tip: Save the email, you get your key into a safe place and bookmark the page below

New artwork

2 of spades

The first of a 52 card deck project I am working on over the coming months. 


King of spades:

Now available on makersplace. Reserve price 0.06ETH