November 2021: Artist of the month Chelsy Escalona

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  • Artist of the month Chelsy Escalona
  • Draw me a bear if you dare
  • My work with Ernst Blaad

Artist of the month: Chelsy Escalona

Chelsy Escalona — Work from homegirl

Chelsy Escalona is a visual artist from Havana, Cuba. She graduated as a graphic designer in 2015 and is now a full-time artist. 

I recently discovered Chelsy’s art on Twitter and I thought it was very different from what I normally see in the NFT space so I had to learn more… 

1. What’s your story?

As a designer, I always pursuit beauty in my work.

 After a few years working in design, I wanted to explore my artistic side that I put to sleep a long time ago. At the end of 2019, I began to explore with more depth into illustration. Previously I had produced projects that had some illustrations but, I wanted to look for my own voice within this medium. 

I tried numerous art styles before settling on what I do today, which firstly seeks to be a visuality that adapts to media such as editorial or branding. My style is known as Neo-pop, it comes from movements such as pop art, comics, and graphics aesthetics used in commercials and marketing. I use a mixture of these themes with other visualities that look to visually enrich my work, where the use of the black line of contour, bright colours, and the presence of textures are the main signature.

After all this exploration, which never stops, I realize that this is what makes me truly happy and I wanted to pursue a full-time career as an artist. I started to work for it, my husband has been a huge support during this time by encouraging me and helping me keep going forward and fighting for my dreams.

2. What do you feel when you complete a piece of artwork?

Every piece is a challenge for me, I feel like I have to remember everything I’ve learned so far and get to see the final art. It’s always exciting and sad at the same time because it leaves me wondering what would come next?

DailyLife  — Chelsy Escalona

3. What do you want the viewer to feel when they see your artwork?

I would love the viewer to feel calm and joy when looking at my work. But I would also love if they can find themselves there relating to some of the themes however, ultimately I want for them to see whatever they feel when my work is presented to them.

Sushi Night girl — Chelsy Escalona

4. What are you most looking forward to in your art career? 

I would love to be able to work with young adult authors and create book covers, but I also dream to be appreciated for what I create, for my art to find people who can truly relate with it.

5. What movie/book/tv show would you recommend?

I have many movies, books, and shows that I love. But as an art-related topic, I always would recommend documentary films, they help you to learn and understand a lot about this art world and also to know more about the artists and their experiences.

Syrup Girl — Chelsy Escalona

Wow-what an amazing artist and I am so glad she chooses to pursue her dream and do something she really loves. 

If you are a young writer who needs book cover art get in touch with Chelsy I am sure she would love to make something awesome with you.

If You Dare…. draw me a bear!

Recently I came across this project on Twitter by @DrawMeABear who has set out a challenge for anyone who enjoys drawing to draw them a bear which will be used either as inspiration or part of a bigger NFT piece. The story of how this came to fruition is an interesting one.

I am planning to take part in this project and encourage others to get stuck in too!

Working on sports cards with @ErnstBlaad and @theartmarketHub

These guys have been working on iconic sports cards with StadioPlus which are unique and interesting and they have asked me to work with them on some joker cards! I can’t say too much but watch this space and I hope to show you all soon what has come out of it. I have to say this community of NFT artists is amazing, I have met so many more people because of it and I love getting to know them all.

Melly’s art update

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